Instant cashback

From now on, when purchasing in many stores, restaurants and gas stations, you will receive a part of your money back immediately.

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How does ProfitApp work


Free app for iOS and Android


Make purchases as you usually do, this time with ProfitApp.

Earn money

With each purchase, you will receive part of your money back on your ProfitApp account.

How does ProfitApp work
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Cashback that you can spend immediately

The returned money is immediately available for a new purchase.

Send money in two clicks

You can send the collected money to another user to his ProfitApp account at any time.

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Limited User Account

Download and use the ProfitApp Application for free and receive bacis cashback rates at partner companies.

Limitations of Limited user account is further described under the “Limitation of Limited Users” section in our Terms and Conditions.

Standard User Account

Verify your Limited user account, become a Standard user and unlock additional options for free.

Smart User Membership

In order to qualify for a Smart user status, the “Known” i.e., Standard user is required to pay the annual membership fee. Smart user enjoys greater benefits.

For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.