Everyone wins with us

ProfitApp was founded on the idea that it is possible to create a formula where everyone wins.

Who are we?

We are a team of professionals who have developed a unique platform that presents a convenient technological solution for business owners i.e., merchants and end-users i.e., customers in the marketplace of Slovenia.
Now business owners have more clients, and customers have a simple way to manage their finances, while enjoying numerous benefits.

Sta Radimo Profitapp

What are we doing?

We think about how to make your life simpler. We plan, design, test and turn ideas into new solutions and benefits.

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Years behind us

Dear memories


ProfitApp begins with work. We create a concept we believe in. Our application becomes part of the digital world.


50,000 users and 500 Partner companies prove that everyone wins with us.


We are developing in several countries.


Over 100k users and multi-million cashback.


We created an eWallet and entered the EU market.