ProfitApp can be
Your business

ProfitApp expands according to the franchising model. We give you the opportunity to start a business within a successful business system and a representative brand.

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Everyone wins.

We have developed a system that brings benefits to both users and business partners. Our goal is , through the application, to provide users with a sense of simplicity and ease in daily use. We want to enable business partners to more efficiently attract new and loyal customers and thus increase their profits.
ProfitApp franchise system.

ProfitApp franchise system

Our franchising partners can start a business within a successful business system

The ProfitApp franchise system allows franchise users: access to the payment/loyalty platform, know-how data, professional support, a recognizable brand, a marketing plan and a business opportunity in the most profitable industry.

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The ProfitApp franchise system
consists of:

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Master franchise

A master franchise is an umbrella franchise that has an exclusive contract for a specific country.

Master Franchise is the logistics and financial center of ProfitApp in a specific country intended to provide professional support to local franchising partners.

Local franchises

Local franchises are the carriers of the development and expansion of the application in a certain country, and they are granted according to the territorial principle, for a certain city or region.

Each franchisee has exclusivity in its territory. The franchisee has the opportunity to build a long-term sustainable business with a relatively small investment, and within a system in which it receives full support and know-how to achieve good results.

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Minimum number of inhabitants in the territory for granting a local franchise:

Minimum number of associates in a local franchise:
1 associate per 100,000 inhabitants

Training course:
€500.00 per person

The fee is annual and amounts to:
€0.07 per inhabitant of the territory for which the franchise is granted

Franchise award period for the territory:
5 years with the right of first refusal


The ProfitApp franchise system provides support to all ProfitApp franchise users

The aim of the support is to enable the franchisee to gain knowledge about the ProfitApp system in order to successfully operate in its territory

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Franchisee support includes the following:

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Use of ProfitApp Software and Technology

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Onsite support

Practical (onsite) training for the franchisee and its associates in the territory

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Theoretical and technical training for the franchisee and its associates

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The system

Proven business system

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Information Technology

IT support

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Marketing support