Business program

For the development of the B2C concept, ProfitApp has limited the number of licenses to 18,888 worldwide


ProfitApp Academy membership

Unlimited number of referral links

20% Referral profit


Direct Profit - commission based on the purchase of packages by users from the Profit Zone


Extra Profit - commission from the net earnings of ProfitApp based on the turnover of users from the Profit Zone


Profit Bonus - commission from the total Direct and Extra profit of users from the Profit Zone

Increased Profit by purchase up to 50%

Participation in the distribution of 10% of the net profit of ProfitApp International EU


By sharing 1,000 applications, you get BUSINESS PRO status with 25% Referral Profit


By sharing 5,000 applications, you get BUSINESS PRESIDENT status with 30% Referral Profit


By distributing 10,000 applications, you gain BUSINESS BOARD status with an additional annual reward (15% of your total annual Referral profit). With this status, you participate in the ProfitApp annual meetings, where all members have the right to vote in decisions for future development.

Additional information

User Licenses, Blockchain, Package Purchase Instructions

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User Licenses

For each transition to a higher status, you also receive a more advanced level of education at the ProfitApp Academy.

You automatically achieve a higher status when 8 users from your Profit Zone reach your previous status.


The license will also have a blockchain record. The licensee has a token, which gives him the opportunity to sell the digital property acquired in this way at any time at the market price.

The real recommended license price is formed from items that affect profit, such as the number of users in the Profit Zone, consumption per user, annual dividend.

*ProfitApp reserves the right to purchase the license itself at the market price with the consent of the user

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Number of users in the ProfitApp zone

Monthly consumption via




Monthly income


The minimum value of your NFT


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